Your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything you put on it. When choosing products to use on your body always read the ingredients and labels. If you can’t pronounce or identify the ingredients chances are your body will not be able to either. Ditch the harmful chemicals, additives, toxins, dyes and artificial fragrances and choose 100% natural, plant based ingredients that support your entire body’s wellness. All ATZALYA products are made using the purest, most natural, plant based ingredients.


Whether self care looks like pampering yourself, exercising or simply sleeping in late… self care is essential. Time for you to do whatever, whenever for you and only you. Time to be present and align with your greater self.


It is essential to practice natural, healthy eating habits along with your external body care routine. Food is information to the body as a whole. Healthy Plant Based Nutrition can be used as a powerful tool to retrain your cells and bring harmony back to the body. Eating habits are a direct reflection of your overall health. Food is information! Problematic skin is also a direct reflection of what is going on internally. Visit for Health Foods, Seasonings, Plant Based Recipes and more !


Our ancestors have used Health Herbs since the beginning of time as a healing tool and remedy. Health Herbs have been seen in natural pregnancy, lotus birthing and boosting overall wellness. All ATZALYA products are made with health herbs. If you would like internal wellness support visit our Health and Wellness website at MYALCHE.COM and check out the Health Capsules section.


Drink a glass of spring or distilled water with fresh squeezed Key Lime Juice daily throughout your day. This helps to naturally alkalize your water and promotes healthy blood flow. It also helps to cleanse your blood and recharge your cells.


Get out in nature and increase your physical activity. Stretching is a great way to release tension and built up stagnant energy within the body.


Lastly, be intentional with all that you do! Journaling, Meditation and Prayer are all great forms of aligning with the desires of your heart. Trust in yourself and step into your greater self!

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